Oct 12, 2022

Associate Spotlight: From a Grandfather’s Bodega to a Grocery Career

  By Suhay Rosario, Project Management Specialist My grandfather immigrated to the United States from Santo Domingo in the late 1970s. My mother, at the time a high school senior, soon followed. They both chased their own version of the American Dream.

 Oct 10, 2022

The Loss Circle: Supporting Colleagues Through Grief

By the time May 2022 rolled around, Marquita Crouch was consumed by grief. In an eight-month span, Marquita – an agent with the Customer Support Contact Center – had lost her stepmother, father and brother. She says their deaths just about sucked the life out of her.

 Sep 21, 2022

Associate Spotlight: Ranch Life and Rich Coffee: My Family Reunion in Colombia

By Caroline Chamoun, Energy and Facility Services Manager and Chair of Conexion + Allies BRG My mom's maternal side of the family hosted their first-ever reunion in Bogota, Colombia, in August 2014. I was filled with pure excitement to meet my relatives – many of whom I did not know because my