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Culture in Action: Meetings Foster ‘Community of Parenting’

July 21, 2021

CiA PPRetail Business Services – the services company of Ahold Delhaize USA – recently launched innovative Culture in Action (CiA) Teams, a new outlet for associates to engage with teammates and bond over common interests and hobbies. This week, we sat down with Christopher Breen, eSourcing Analyst with the Indirect Center of Excellence and Positive Parenting Co-Team Leader to learn more about the Positive Parenting CiA.  

Positive Parenting is a group of parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles who provide opportunities to support each other, develop friendships and foster a sense of community.  

Co-led by Chris and Karen McCabe, Project Manager, Retail Business Services, the CiA addresses diverse topics on raising children and guiding young adults, from financial matters and college preparation to balancing work-life responsibilities, which remain valuable topics of conversation as associates continue to work remotely and navigate school, daycare and healthcare issues through COVID-19. 

“Knowing that there’s other parents out there at the different stages, I gain from that and at the same time they gain from me,” said Chris. “In one of the meetings, for example, we were discussing wills – I don’t have a will yet – and I was able to talk to other parents who have a will, and then they talked about a trust … I am eager for that information.” 

The CiA provides a space for guardians to share ideas and learn about the unique experiences of parents of all ages and backgrounds. Members are encouraged to attend and share experiences, or just listen and gain insight from the experiences of others. 

“It’s an exchange of ideas,” noted Chris. “When I hear the other parents and the obstacles they have, it helps me realize my community of parenting where I can help and sometimes just where I can listen.” 

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