Meet Our Summer 2023 Interns

Jun 08, 2023

grid collage of the 2023 RBS Summer Interns


Retail Business Services welcomed 15 summer interns last week. This year’s interns are spread across a diverse range of teams, ranging from Retail Safety, In-Stock and Early Talent to ADvantage and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

“I really enjoy being able to connect with the interns each year; I feel like they always join the company with real energy and eagerness to learn,” said Rachel Wulff, Early Talent Specialist. “Our managers do a great job of offering opportunities for our interns to lead projects that, when combined with our program’s learning offerings and speaker sessions, allows everyone to walk away with a greater sense of confidence in their industry-specific knowledge.”

Fostering early talent also helps RBS to develop a candidate pipeline and introduces them to opportunities within the company. Each summer, they bring new ideas as they collaborate with RBS associates on key projects.

“Interns bring new perspectives and ideas helping to foster diverse perspectives, creativity, as well as innovative ways of thinking and problem solving,” said Jenny Fish, HR Business Partner. “Their diverse perspectives and experiences can contribute to a more inclusive work environment, motivating others to stay curious and open-minded and enriching the company's overall culture.”

During the final week of July, the interns will present their projects and key takeaways from their experiences. Additionally, they will participate with their colleagues in an Intern Day of Service with a community partner near one of the Ahold Delhaize USA campuses.

Learn more about each intern below:

Aashi Jitendra Rathod​, Procurement Services Intern

Master’s degree in information systems at California State University Fullerton​

"Now that I'm more than halfway through my master's program, I'm super excited to put everything I've learned into action! This internship is the perfect opportunity for me to apply my skills and knowledge in a real-world setting.”

Abby McLaughlin​, Procurement In-Stock Intern 

Master’s degree in business administration at University of Massachusetts, Lowell​

"I'm looking forward to a hands-on learning experience working in supply chain to take with me into the business world upon graduation.”

Alex Blumenthal, Communications Intern

Bachelor’s degree in public relations at University of South Carolina

"I'm excited to learn more about corporate communications and continue to grow as a communications professional."

Anne Okrah, Procurement In-Stock Intern

PhD in industrial engineering at Northeastern University

"I'm most looking forward to applying my skill set in an industry setting. Most of my work has been in academia, and I want to gain experience within the supply chain area.”

Brittany Snider, Retail Safety Intern

Bachelor’s degree in business with a concentration in management at North Greenville University​

"As a student, I look forward to the opportunity of having access to professional leadership, learning from these experiences and working on projects that can be impactful.”

Emily Keegan, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Intern

Bachelor’s degree in diversity, equity and inclusion at Bentley University​

"I'm excited about the opportunity to gain valuable experience in the DE&I field that can be applied to work I will do in the future. Real life experience is very important as the field is constantly evolving. ​

Jordan Logar, Procurement Governance Intern

Bachelor’s degree in management at Bentley University​

"I'm looking forward to the opportunity to further develop my skills and grow with others.”

Julia Pintar, Early Talent and Workforce Planning Intern

Bachelor’s degree in psychology at Boston College

"I look forward to the opportunity to work with many talented people and grow through the various projects I'll be working on.”

Kirsten Grindel, Procurement In-Stock Intern

Bachelor’s degree in international business and logistics at Maine Maritime Academy

"I’m excited to get hands on experience while learning new aspects of procurement and supply chain.” 

Marcus Sigmon, Procurement Governance Intern

Bachelor’s degree in accounting at Western Carolina University​

“I'm looking forward to learning more about the grocery industry and gain insight into my future career path.”

Matthew Dailey, Indirect Sourcing Intern

Bachelor’s degree in business administration finance at University of North Carolina Wilmington

"I'm excited to gain hands on experience in the business industry through working in indirect sourcing. Working with professionals in this field will give me the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and insights to help further my career.”

Necholus (Nick) Ogden, Workers Compensation Intern

Bachelor’s degree in economics at Temple University

"I'm looking forward to learning about the various functions that drive a business as well as develop skills in business applications. I also hope to connect with fellow interns and professionals in positions such as actuaries. I ultimately look forward to gaining valuable work experience and learning something new."

Robert Wetten, Procurement In-Stock Intern

Bachelor’s degree in statistics and machine learning at Carnegie Mellon University​

"As my first internship and first time working in an office, I am most looking forward to being a part of a collaborative team that is working on many projects that seek to make other peoples' lives easier. Specifically, I'm excited to share my creativity and skills with like-minded colleagues in an effort to provide innovative solutions to consumers, which is something that Retail Business Services values.”

Sivagami Bhaskar, Procurement Services Intern

Master’s degree in business analytics and information systems at University of South Florida, Tampa​

“I look forward to developing my skills in data analysis, data visualization, and reporting, as well as learning more about the procurement process and the principles of data management, data quality and data governance. I am excited to be a part of the organization and contribute to its success through my internship which will help me gain a diverse range of skills and experiences to grow both personally and professionally.”

Troy Fuller, Procurement In-Stock Intern

Bachelor’s degree in computer information systems at Western Carolina University

"I’m excited about the opportunity to gain experience in the supply chain world and engage in real world examples of practices I have done in school.”

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