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Retail Business Services Adopts New Sustainability Policies Bolstering GMO Product Labeling, Animal Welfare

July 30, 2020

July 30, 2020 – Ahold Delhaize USA today announced new sustainability policies providing guidance on two key issues: genetically modified food (GMOs) and farm animal welfare. As a company of Ahold Delhaize USA and a provider of private brand products to Ahold Delhaize USA's local brands, Retail Business Services has adopted these policies.

"We're proud to commit to these new sustainability policies," said Juan De Paoli, senior vice president of Private Brands for Retail Business Services. "Consumers are looking for products made with transparency and using sustainable practices. Through these policies, we are committed to working with the brands we support to enable them to provide that transparency in their private brand offerings to their customers."

Genetically Modified Food Policy
As a provider of private brand products, Retail Business Services is passionate about providing brands and their consumers with nutritious and affordable products so that consumers have confidence in the products they purchase and access to foods that fit their dietary needs and lifestyles. Retail Business Services understands that navigating genetically modified foods (GMOs) can be a complex issue for consumers and wants consumers to have consistent and easy-to-read information about GMOs right on products.

As a result, Retail Business Services has selected the most transparent labeling option to make it easier for consumers to understand what's included in the products they love. All private brand products developed by RBS will have clear on-pack Bioengineered Food disclosure well ahead of the Federal Bioengineered labeling deadline of January 1, 2022. Read the full policy here.

Farm Animal Welfare Policy
Retail Business Services is also a passionate supporter of the well-being and welfare of farm animals. Retail Business Services is continually refining its approach and seeking to improve sustainability and transparency within the food supply chain. Retail Business Services looks to partner with suppliers who are committed to sound, science-based animal care practices and the elimination of animal cruelty, abuse and neglect. Retail Business Services believes that an animal's welfare at all phases of its life should be considered in terms of the globally recognized "five freedoms" of animal welfare. Click here to read the full policy, including requirements for suppliers and issue statements on topics within animal welfare such as cage free eggs, animal testing, growth hormones and more. The policy applies to all suppliers. Retail Business Services will begin working toward compliance with private brand suppliers and will work with all suppliers to improve compliance throughout the total assortment of whole or single ingredient products by 2025. Retail Business Services will begin annual reporting on the areas covered by the animal welfare policy beginning in 2021.

The addition of these sustainability policies builds on previous commitments regarding sustainable chemistry, climate change and artificial ingredients.