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Spotlight on Our Services: Chief of Staff and Portfolio Management 

July 09, 2021

StephanieAs Retail Business Services – the services company of Ahold Delhaize USA – continues to grow and evolve to support the Ahold Delhaize USA brands on their omnichannel journeys, our departments are evolving too. This summer, we’re highlighting leaders and their teams in our Spotlighting Our Services series.    

This week we spoke with Stephanie Schepp, Chief of Staff and Vice President of Portfolio Management. Stephanie joined Retail Business Services recently from Peapod Digital Labs (PDL), where she served as U.S. Strategy Lead.  

In her new role, Stephanie oversees two main areas of focus: Retail Business Services Operations and Portfolio Management, including support for Ahold Delhaize USA companies’ most critical, high-value and complex projects. The Portfolio Management function supports several critical priority projects that are needed to realize the Connected Customer ambition of the Ahold Delhaize USA companies and underpin the great work of the local brands, such as the Supply Chain Transformation and the implementation of a new HR platform for all U.S. companies.    

With dozens of key projects in flight, Stephanie's team will help the organization pivot to new ways of working and better prioritize projects to ensure the successful implementation of our critical priorities – across ADUSA and Retail Business Services.  

“We have a lot going on across the organization, so it's important to help teams create real focus – which sometimes requires us to make hard choices about which projects to greenlight or and which ones we say ‘No,’ or, ‘Not now,'" she said.  

And, while she’s new to Retail Business Services, Stephanie is impressed with the company’s culture and with the strong bond her team has.   

“We are spread across many different offices, projects and initiatives and may not frequently interact with each other on day-to-day work,” she said. “I’ve led teams like this before and sometimes they struggle to develop a strong team culture and bond. That is not the case with this team. Through strong leadership and team-building, they have developed a very effective team environment where they collaborate often to support, help and learn from each other.” 

“I’m fortunate to lead a great group of people who care for each other and the success of their business partners,” she added. “We work extremely hard to drive outcomes and show courage every day on the front lines of complex projects that sometimes require escalating risks and addressing important issues that need team or leadership attention.”   

Look for more Spotlighting Our Services stories in the weeks ahead.