Talking Technology: IT Leaders Visit Food Lion

Jan 13, 2023

IT Leaders Visit Food Lion

A series of immersive meetings in Food Lion stores have helped IT technology leaders at RBS gain a first-hand understanding of associates’ technology experiences at the retail level.

Born out of a conversation between Food Lion President Meg Ham and RBS's Rom Kosla, EVP, Information Technology and Chief Information Officer, the sessions had two main goals: First, to grow a stronger relationship with the current technology that supports retail associates, and second, to create a deeper understanding of stores' technology experiences.

The sessions paired RBS technology leaders with Food Lion business leaders and retail associates to experience the technology in a real-world setting. The first session occurred in October, and the second took place in December.

IT Leaders Visit Food Lion

Rodney Moore, store manager at Store #2650 in China Grove, N.C. - which hosted the sessions - shared appreciation for the connections. “It was a good opportunity for leaders in our organization to experience some of the technology we use in-store and to see first-hand how it impacts how we serve Ms. Johnson.”

Dawn Gates, Director, Service Delivery, at RBS attended the December session. “This experience was beneficial because it gave me first-hand knowledge for what the user is experiencing,” she said. “It was an amazing experience. It will allow me to better solution when there’s a situation that happens, while also understanding the business impact."

Additional sessions are planned for next year to further the partnership.

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