What Will Grocery Bring in 2023?

Jan 26, 2023

2023 grocery trend predictions


The start of a new year is the perfect time to predict the road ahead. As January begins, Rom Kosla, Chief Information Officer for Retail Business Services, is sharing his four IT predictions for 2023 and beyond:

  • Omnichannel evolution: Online shopping and delivery have broadened customers’ grocery options. For 2023, the continued emphasis and consolidation of connected in-store and e-commerce platforms, coupled with convenience, will be a priority for retailers looking to grow their market share. 
  • Data double down: With the rise of big data, retailers have the information they need to enhance personalized experiences for shoppers. This year will be about using data to develop keen insights and deliver them in real time to win customers.  
  • Build once, scale up: With cost a key consideration, we’ll see retailers turn toward scaled solutions – with customization capabilities – to drive efficiency and reduce technology complexity. Cloud technology will be a key ingredient as retailers seek the right platforms and foundations to support the value streams they want to unlock.
  • Modernized ways of working: Smart retailers will evolve to user-centric models where work is released in short, agile iterations. Gone are the days of costly multiyear solutions. The future of work is real time.   

What’s New in Food 

Rom isn’t alone in predicting what’s ahead. Industry insiders say watch for food trends ranging from plant-based diets to Ring Dings:

  • What’s old is new again: Shoppers will give a nod to nostalgia in 2023. Look for old favorites such as Ring Dings, Yodels, mini-powdered donuts, coffee cakes and retro cocktail treats to surge to the top of customers’ list of comfort foods. – Supermarket News
  • Food-at-home focus: Customers appreciate the selection and price of grocery-created meals and will increasingly choose grab-and-go options as a substitute for restaurant meals. – Winsight Grocery
  • Health-conscious customers: 27% of shoppers are consuming less meat, a statistic likely to grow as customers shift toward paleo and keto options, add more plant-based items into diets, eliminate sugar and consume low-to-no-alcohol drinks. – Progressive Grocer
  • Private labels: With inflation hurting wallets, shoppers will continue to hunt for value, often opting for less expensive brands. – Supermarket News
  • Sustainability: Shoppers, concerned about climate issues, want sustainable, upcycled ingredients and environmentally friendly packaging. – Winsight Grocery
  • Seasoning with heat: McCormick says Vietnamese and Cajun Style Seasoning, its flavor of the year, is a glimpse into the heat consumers crave. – The Shelby Report

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